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Oct 14, 2008
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What would be a reasonable price for weanling heifers? They are registerable purebred White Galloways. Just looking for what people would consider spending. Thanks!
galloway girl: When you get into the old purebred game prices can become less than "reality" would dictate? I guess the way to try to figure it is this: what are the likely returns on that purebred heifer? Is she capable of producing a calf someone will pay a big premium for...or is she just another cow? With a fancy piece of paper?
Most people who venture into the purebred business don't last very long. Reality quite often comes home fairly quick? It's fascinating to watch purebreds selling for big bucks, but the reality is usually the breeder getting the big money has been at it a long time and has built up a good reputation. That takes time and a lot of effort.
So say you go out and pay $1500 for a beautiful purebred heifer. If she raises the grand champion, well wow, you picked a winner! But how about if she just raises an average calf or worse...a real dog! I guess you just wasted about $1000! Suppose she raises a calf that will make a bull? What are your chances of getting enough for him to make a profit above and beyond all the extra expense involved?
The cold hard facts are, in the majority of cases, the average "purebred breeder" is going to be selling his bulls to a local customer base. How much demand is there for the product you want to sell? If every farmer for 50 miles around is using Angus bulls....how much demand is there for a Galloway bull? Maybe you can convince some of them to switch over...but realize that takes a lot of time and effort?
So I'll tell you how I see it. Take the price those heifers would bring at the local auction barn, add $50 and offer that to the seller. You might not get them at that price....and that may be a good thing!
1st off let me say im a beefmaster breeder.an i sell weaned heifer calves if some1 wants them.with the papers i get $800 to $1000 for them.so in your breed i bet the prices are about the same.now show calves are diff.they can cost you $1500 to $5000 or more.
Thanks for the tips. I'm not trying to go large scale purebred breeder, just doing it to help slowly raise the Galloway numbers in our local area (we are the only ones breeding them for about 50 miles) These particular heifers aren't being raised for "show calves" like clubbies or anything, they were bred to be used and to raise good quality calves. Pricewise, I think you guys are right on. Thanks for the tips, and anymore are welcome!

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