Culling a Bull

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Gale Seddon

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Jan 1, 2004
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Mineral, VA
If I want to get rid of a 4 yr. old bull, what are my options? I prefer not to sell him, just not sure if (1) he'd be edible, or (2) get the rendering people here to kill and haul him away. Advice please? Many thanks.
Sell him or eat him. If he's only 4 he's still edible just grind him into hamburger. Sell him if you don't want to eat him because it's better to make a buck than spend one to kill him and haul him away.
Yes, actually, there is a reason I do not want to sell him...about a week ago, I saw him flip and toss a calf; today I saw him roll one of the cows...all this happened at feeding time and because the cow was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time...neither cow nor calf was injured, but I cannot tolerate that behavior in a small herd or take a chance that an animal or person will be injured by him...(he might decide that I am in the wrong place one morning). I feel it would be unethical to pass this on to an unknowing buyer either at the saleyard or by private treaty. He's got horns too. (BTW, he's not the bull in the avatar picture). No one wants a bad-*** bull. I've decided that he'll leave here, alive or dead, but he WILL go...I just have to figure out what my best option is and move ahead with it. Thanks for helping me think this one through.
take him to sellbarn tell them he no good an he will be sold for slawter.around 50-55 cents a pound.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tc
I would take him to the sale barn. He will probably go for slaughter. You probaly separate him from your herd if you are not breeding him at this time. Bulls do some pretty stupid things some times including pushing cows when you are feeding them.
i agree with tc unless you are hungry for hamburger. take him to the auction, most of them go for slaughter, tell them when you unload him he has temper problems or that he would not be good to take home. most people that want a bull buy them young because as they get older they are harder to handle and keep in. about four years old :?

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