cherokee ruby, need advise on brahma's

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Could you please give me some advise on worming my brahma's the pour on's seem to irratate them pretty bad. also on feeding and anything else that you think i might need to know there is not alot of poople that seems to know much about them . Thank you very much.
We use Ivomec pour on. You have to be careful what you pour on a Brahman some pesticides are toxic to them, I believe that it is the organophosophates that will kill them in no time.

If you don't want to use the pour on the injectible works very well. There is now a generic version that seems to work as well.
On feeding Brahmans you need to watch the level of milo maise and sorghum in their feed. For some reason they cannot handle either one in quantity.

Where are you located and are your Brahmans purebred?
Ruby, Mine are of the Manzo line they are registered. I am in west ky. They are grey brahmans. Thanks
We use the Ivomectin pour on, but none of our Brahmans like any kind of pour on wormer, or fly spray for that matter! It seems to irritate their skin. You do have to be very careful what you use, make sure you read the labels, it will indicate if you can us it on Bos Inducus cattle or not. Here in Texas pretty much everything you can buy now is approved for Brahman influence cattle.

The previous post was correct.. don't feed your Brahmans milo or a milo mixed feed, they'll definately founder. If you're having feed milled, corn, oats and a dairy type pellet is good.. or cotton seed or hulls. Make sure they always have plenty of "roughage".. either hay or pasture. Brahman's won't do as well on a strickly grain diet as continental or european cattle.
i have some questions regarding this topic. ive always used Cydectin pour on, is that something that will be good with Brahmans? with the feed where do i look to find if there is milo in the feed? ive always used Purina Beef Cattle Feed (creep feed). does anyone know if that will still work?
Cydectin appears to be in the same family as Ivomec did not find any warning in my search. Don't know about Purina Beef Cattle Feed doubt it contains enough if any milo to affect them. Recommend reading the labels.

It is my understanding, and I could be 100% wrong, is that the problem with milo comes into play in feedlot situations.

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