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Dec 28, 2022
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Southwest Missouri
Picture doesn’t show it well but does anyone ever worry about cows being overweight? Thought she would slim down a bit after having a calf but a no go. Maybe see how winter treats her? Always has a calf and does a good job as a mother. Seems like she is starting to have trouble walking she is so heavy.


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I would not consider that cow overweight. She doesnt have the wrinkles in the butt or the fat deposition the side of the tail yet. 😄
Good to have another persons point of view then, she just looks heavy in person. Wrinkles around the tailhead and just the way she walks. Won’t worry about her and just call her healthy. Maybe she is just getting older, sale barn $800 2 years ago so no idea on the age.


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How old is the calf? Is she back in calf? She has good grass in front of her and it is her bodies natural response getting ready for tougher times over winter. Some do it better than others.

I would much rather have them a little on the "heavy side" than the way several of my cows with dairy in them get thinner when they are making milk and feeding a calf.. The calves off these dairy influenced cows wean some of the biggest calves but it takes a toll on them even on real good grass.... as long as they breed back, they will put it back on before calving again... but going into winter I would much rather see more weight rather than less...
She is in good flesh...
We have one 4 yr old girl that's about 1500 pounds which seems a little heavy to me for a Japanese black. Most of our girls run about 1200. But her pedigree shows that cattle in her family run heavy, big frame and very long.
I used to worry about her a little bit because she would dominate the feed trough. When she was pregnant, she would just go down 20 ft trough and clear everybody out her way! No stopping a hungry momma.
So I got some fence line feeder panels to try to calm the situation at the trough. It worked great.
But I quit worrying about her but years ago because she drops the nicest calf ever !!

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