Cattle guard warning! Ugly pics!

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Black and Good

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Dec 27, 2011
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Eastern Kansas
I blame myself, as I told myself I should have slid a gate across the cattle guard! :bang: Anyway, I weaned her calf yesterday evening and sometime during the night she tried to cross the guard. This morning I got there and found blood everywhere. Reg. Gelbvieh 4 year old bred to calve this fall. :cry2: If they are wanting out bad put a gate across your guards!
I'm posting this cause I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Hopefullythis will keep this from happening to someone else. B&G :(

TennesseeTuxedo":1sfqkmtz said:
Man that's bad. I know you're sick about it.

That's for sure! I'm beating myself up pretty good over this one! I sat right there and told my buddy last night that I should put that gate across there and didn't do it and there's a gate right there just for that purpose! B&G
gawd dang that's brutal. shame. dangit. amazing the amount of pain and animal can endure tho...geez the rest of that story sucks too.
This is how the story ends I couldn't find a slaughter house that would take her so I put her out of her misery! I have and try and forget this day. LOL B&G

B and G I hate this for you but I apppreciate you sharing the information. Have discussed several times with husband about getting one of these cattle guards. You may have saved several of us from making similar mistake. Thanks again for posting when I know you would rather have a cold beer and forget today.
i had cattle guards at my last farm. I never liked them at all. The cows would cross if they wanted.

Sorry for your loss, she looked like one hell of a nice cow.
My thoughts go out. I hate it happened. I've been around cattle guards my whole life. Have seen a few mishaps and have seen several cattle and horses who could almost run across them. Have never seen an accident this bad. Did hear of a cow breaking her leg but have never experienced it myself. We currently have two.
So sorry to see that; and knowing both of you suffered for it. And yes, we all have done something dumb, or NOT done something we should have, and paid the price one way or another. Have had a couple of animals "walk" them and a few jump them and I have always worried about someone breaking a leg.
Thanks for sharing so that we can all think twice before we do/ or don't do something questionable in the future.

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