Breeding cows to calf together

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Aug 29, 2005
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I have 3 cows I want to breed to calf together. I have a young bull I want to breed them. If I synchronize the 3 cows could a 15 month old bull breed all 3 of them while they are in heat ? If synchronize is not the best what would your solution be?
Depends on the bull, but any yearling worth his salt should be able to handle them fine. Last year our yealring bull settled 7 cows in 3 days. He was a busy little bugger.
The rule of thumb is, iirc, in a 60 day breeding window, a young bull should be able to settle one cow / heifer for every month of age once 15 months old. Or something like that.

Your bull should be fine. If you brought 12 more home for him, he should be able to do fine with them, too.
There is really no way to getm to all calve at the same time. You can get better odds that they will be close together but that's about it. I AIed 5 cows one day and the difference between the youngest and oldest calf was 2 weeks.
turn the bull in with the heifers for 5 days,, on day 5 give heifers 5cc lutalyse and turn them back out together.
Lutalyse only works if the animal has a CL (Corpis Leuteum sp?). So, if the animal cycled just prior to you turning your bull out, by day 5 she should have a CL for the Lute shot to work. 2-5 days later they all should be in heat - IF they have been cycling. During the first 5 days, he will be breeding anything that comes in during those 5 days. If the bull had not been with them, getting them bred, the shot given on day 5 would NOT work on them because it was too close to their natural heat.
Oh, and it was not mentioned, you MUST put a heat tag of some sort on the heifers. Anything he breeds you do NOT want to give a shot to.

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