Bred Cows- Standing Like In Heat?

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Feb 11, 2005
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Southeast, Louisiana
Any of ya'll experience this? Last year during heat detecting I caught one showing standing heat two different times that had been ultrasounded bred to the AI date. So I did not breed her and sure enough, she calved on the AI date even after showing hard standing heats twice.

Now this year, I have had two cows do the same thing (the one mentioned above is one of the two). However, I did not preg check in the Fall. Both of the cows were syncronized and time bred (15 total in all). They then spent the next 90 days with the bull.

So, since they were not open cows from this calving season, and because their calving date to the AI is in about 3 weeks, I elected to pass on breeding them. I may cull them anyway if they are open.

Have any of ya'll experienced any of the above? If so, how do you treat these cows?

Thanks for any replies.

Yes, I had two showing heat that calved on AI date. Also had two that I thought was AI-ed that calved from the cleanup bull. Used heat detection patch also. :?: :?
Happens occasionally.

I've got one right now vetted in-calf, cycled at supposedly six weeeks pregnant shortly before the preg test and has had two standing heats since.
I reckon the vet was wrong and she's open. It's just too rare, and too co-incidental that her conception date would be right at the end of mating. But I have seen them cycle right through pregnancy before and I've heard that a '3-week later' (after conception) heat is common.

When AI-ing, we were recommended not to pass the inseminator through the far end of the cervix if it was a return heat from a previous mating. That reduces the chance of disrupting an existing pregnancy. I get maybe one or two a year calve to a mating three weeks earlier than their latest recorded mating.

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