Black Angus or Red Angus? Or either?

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where im from black cattle of any breed sells highest...........what about you? :!:
Whites top the market, reds next, then blacks and broken colours. Blacks are usually 10 cents a pound lower than the market average, on a given day.
Very good quality calves red or black sell the same, white or colored is lower no matter what the quality. of medium quliaty blacks outsell reds. Straight Herefords are only a little higher then eared cattle, which are alwasy lower then colored.

Buyers get on a black with white face kick every now and then down here in Fla. All in all the blacks as an average get the most provided the quality is there. Other colors seem to be an equal second again if quality is there. Eared cattle get docked but they are very popular here given the climate and terrain. Pounds weaned supercedes the ear I suppose.
Most of the time here a good calf will draw good money no matter what color it is. Calves that are not the best seem to do better if they are black verses other colors.
Seems that black sells best, but I think right up there with them are the stocky calves that are clearly heavily Charolais influenced.

On a related note, at the last two all breed bull sales I attended the black bulls (of all breeds) were clearly more in favor than comparable quality red or brownish bulls. And the Charolais were definitely selling cheaper than they were a few years ago when they were all the rage. It is really interesting, and I'm sure disappointing to the "red" sellers, to see black Limo, Simmental, Angus and Brangus sell so much better than comparable quality red bulls of those breeds.

I attend a bull sale in El Campo, Texas each year and there is a fellow from Adams, Nebraska that usually brings about 40 nice bulls to sell. Some years ago he brought mostly crossbred bulls that were 50/50 red Simmental/Hereford. Now he has switched and virtually everything he brought to the sale last weekend was 50/50 Black Simmie/Black Angus. As I recall, the only exception was one pure black Simmie and one black Angus/Braunvieh cross. I guess you have to do what the market tells you to do!
Ther blacks out sell almost everything. The few red angus that come thru the feeder sale sell extremely well. The red angus are of excellent quality. Charlais, and belties bring up the bottom, high continental influence are next then pure bred herdfords.