Batwing cutters for pasture

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Jan 11, 2004
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What brand of batwing cutters are you all using :???: . I am thinking of getting a 15 ft batwing, going up from a 10 ft non-batwing. Need to reduce my time in the saddle, and make it easier for road travel :p !

Anyone have a John Deere Flexwing? I know they are more expensive but they sound interesting.

Servis Rhino for us. Got another Servis shredder that's about 30 years old and still going. Hard to beat 'em!
I like my three year old Rhino, but one of rear wheels broke off recently where it joins the support arm - only needed to be welded back on and it works fine; also a couple of the bolts supporting a rear wheel arm broke shortly after I bought it. Other wise it does work well.

What attracks me to the JD, is their literature which talks about not causing alot of material build up (windrows) when cutting grass that is fairly high. Not sure how this is achieved, but it looks like there are four blades instead of two???? Is this a gimmick or does it work?

We have a 15 ft Rhino and the exact thing happend with the wheel last year! We welded it back up and has been fine every since then. I wonder if it is some sort of defect? This weekend the connector that hooks up under the tongue that slipps in and out when the shredder flexes broke in the shaft. We cut it apart and re=welded it up and it worked the rest of the weekend. Hopefully we wont have any more problems. But I would recommend this cutter to anyone. We are rough on it (i.e. LOTS of hog ruts) and it has held up really well in my opinion. We have a JD 10 ft flat deck that has not held up near as well. IMO.[/quote]
We have two Woods brand 15 foot batwings. One is about 20 years old and one about 8 years old. We also have a 10foot non batwing Woods Ever once in awhile you may have to replace a U joint but that's all we have ever had to do to any one of them. We use them for pasture and CRP ground. I would recommend them to anyone. Good luck on your choice.

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