Neigbor looking for farm SXS

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Started off with 2 seater Cub Cadet. Sold it to neighbor who still runs it. Bought the 2 row seating Kubota in diesel. Bought the two row seater thinking we'd use it more than we do, which is hardly ever. It's a workhorse and wouldn't be without it.
I'll second the Honda Pioneer transmission. We've got a Rancher 4 wheeler with the auto trans and it shifts nice and doesn't have the jerky problems of the belt. My neighbor has had 2 pioneers and loves them. He's 80 and does very little if any maintenance but drives the snot out of that poor rig.
I have a 2022 CF Moto UForce 1000. It is a well built machine. I have put 10,000 km's on it and none of the easy and haven't had to do a single repair. The dealership is also a Polaris dealer. All the guys that work there own the UForce machines. Great dealership helps.
I didn't like my Arctic Cat Prowler or my old Ranger 700XP.
China if you can believe it. Motor was apparently developed in partnership with KTM. Clutch is Canadian

I believe their headquarters are in Minneapolis, but for the most part, like you said, they are built in China and Thailand.

They share some important components with bigger bands, the CVTech clutches (Can am) and the EFI is made by Bosch.

I had a Cforce 400 for a while, never had any trouble out of it, although there were some things that weren't quite up to par, the handlebar controls and some of the body plastics were pretty cheap and broke easily. It was very heavy for the size of the machine.

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