Anyone missing a bull?

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The city slicker responded with.

"Oh my god, I was scared," said Steve Fostok who had dropped off metal at the scrap yard. "He was coming this way. He was running back and forth. It was very confusing for the cops. It could have killed me."

That dude is an idiot.
Why didn't they just wait until he woke up and then sell him? Granted he might be a little tough, but he could still be eaten. There are starving kids in China!
that one witness said watching something like that makes you concider becoming a vegetarian :? i guess watching a bunch of fool's making a panic situation out of it would make you sick though
"That's sad," said Jeffrey Klein, who witnessed the bull's bid for freedom. "It's watching something like that that makes you consider being a vegetarian."

:lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

are you kidding me?

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