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Feb 26, 2007
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Marshall County, Alabama
Does anyone know the closest AI class to northeast Alabama? I would like to take a combo class in AI and palp. I have found some in OK, TX, and OH, but nothing else closer. Genex offers on farm training, but not palp. I do not even know any techs around here.
Check with the folks at Cow Creek Ranch. They're big enough to hold an AI school there with good participation...Great operation as well.
Let me know if you find a place, I wanted to take an AI class sometime in the near future.
The local ABS guy is going to have one this fall, but Lebanon MO is a bit off the beaten path for most people
jgibson":1a94yj58 said:
So far no luck. The closest place is at least 12 hours away. I will have to wait for more vacation.

Are you sure Genex in Alabama doesn't have classes?
Yes, I emailed them and they answered. They wanted to know how many in my class. I told them just me and my husband. They have not responded, so I guess they want more people than that.
They had a 5 day training class I believe. Ask them how many they would need for a class and how much per person. I may be able to take off around Christmas or New Years and do a class. I may have one other person besides myself that could attend.

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