28 Day Breeding Period

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Apr 4, 2012
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This year we had to push some cows back to sync them with the main herd. They were AI'd then turned out with the bull for 28 days.

It worked. This year everything calving in a 30 day period is how we can reduce input costs. Typically we feed hay from October thru December then everyone goes on rye grass and clover around Christmas.

Anyway, I'm so cheap I'll skin the hide off a gnat. Reducing input costs makes my day. :lol2:

Calves should hit the ground exactly when the pasture takes off.
What synch protocol did you use and what was your conception on AI?

I've been contemplating something similar after the worst recorded drought. Did use cidrs on a few heifers that I didn't think was cycling yet in the drought and they all conceived on either the induced heat or the first natural one thereafter.