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    Bill Cosby

    You're falling into the trap of assuming rape is about sex, and it isn't. Rape is about rage, humiliation, hatred, and control - not sex! As for why the allegations weren't brought up earlier - they were. The statute of limitations has long since expired on the vast majority of these cases...
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    25 Below

    Actually, it's late here this year. I can not remember a year that we didn't have snow by Halloween, but we didn't this year. The only difference is that, when winter finally hit, the temps have held. It just goes along with the rest of this unrelenting year from hell.
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    Available Brands

    There was a list for 2013, but I'm not sure if there is a current list of available brands.
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    25 Below

    Yeah, here too. I have been wondering that same thing, and I'm really not sure I want the answer! Of course, it didn't help matters that Sunday(the day before this mess blew in) was 70 degrees. I'm with you - I'm too old for this crap! :(
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    Frozen Hose

    Double drain it after each use. I ran mine over my shoulder(walking slowly) while it was still laid out for the first drain, then drained again while rolling it on the ground. Worked pretty good, and I rarely had frozen hoses. Thanks to a broken water line last summer, I no longer have to...
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    Available Brands

    Check with the Arizona Department of Agriculture.
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    Milk replacer

    The general rule of thumb for weaning any species of bottle baby is that they should have doubled their birth weight and are eating at least 1 lb of grain/starter/grower pellets.
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    Hardest bottle calf to get on feed

    See if your feed dealer carries AS70. It smells and tastes lick licorice and calves love that! We used to feed it to our weaning calves to get them transitioned to feed. Last time I bought a bag of it - back in 2008, I think - it was something like $11 and change for a 50 lb bag. It is...
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    Young heifer bred

    It can be done. Keep a close eye on her, pen her when she is getting ready to calve, and be prepared to help deliver the calf if necessary. Other than that, the biggest issue is that it's going to take a lot of feed for her to support her calf and still keep developing. We had 2 heifers...
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    Bull conception rates?

    With 30 cows, I would expect the bull to settle every cow first heat unless there was a problem with management. I know we ran a bull with 60 head of cows and the vast majority of them settled first time around. Our calving season was roughly a month long. I also used one buck for 40 head of...
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    Cattle behavior...

    Normal behavior. Our's used to go nuts when we moved them to a new pasture or pen, too. If you really want to see frisky, wait until you move yearling heifers/steers to a new pasture/pen! That is truly a sight to behold, and you better have some good fences! ;-)
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    PITA weaned heifer

    Yep! She just needed an excuse to eat her feed without being obvious about it. :P :lol2:
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    no milk heifer

    Is this a heifer that you raised? What kind of condition was she in when she was bred? The reason I ask is because when heifers are over conditioned they tend to develop fat deposits in their udders that interfere with milking. Unfortunately, the fat deposits are difficult to get rid of and...
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    Bringing cows north from the south

    I wouldn't do it at this time of the year. If it were springtime, I would say go for it because they would have most of the year to acclimate, but moving cattle north from southern climes in October is not going to give them enough time to acclimate to the harsher weather and you could very...
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    cow with diarrhea

    You're probably looking at a case of acidosis - symptoms are diarrhea and rapid weight loss. I'm sure you know that it is necessary to build an animal up to a large amount of feed in order for the proper bacteria to grow but, what is not so commonly known, is that an animal also has to be...