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    Devon/South Devon/Red Poll/Etc etc

    Please throw red devon into the mix if you could as well...... I am just really confused over all of these...
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    Devon/South Devon/Red Poll/Etc etc

    Could anyone out there please help me with the differences between Devon/South Devon/Red Poll or are they all the same animal going by different names? Thanks in advance
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    telephone poles

    I posted this on the breeds board, but feel maybe it would be better suited here. What sort of prep, if any, do I need to do to standard utility poles prior to placing them ground to prevent rotting.
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    Telephone Pole Corner Posts

    Is there any prep that needs to be done to these prior to setting them in the ground to reduce the risk of rotting prematurely?
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    kids punishment

    My parents finally went out and purchased boxing gloves. We beat the snot out of each other... On day one. one of my brothers knocked out another brother. It was awesome. Problem for me was I was the youngest and by far the smallest. When I fought them they had to be on their knees. It was...
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    Over the years I have read numerous books pertaining to hunting in Africa. Book after book refer to the unbelievable tracking abilities that some of these bushmen have. Recently I returned back from a trip in British Columbia and although my guide was no bushman he far outclassed me when it...
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    livestock water heater

    This will most likely sound incredibly stupid to some of you folks but here goes. Is there a water that does not run on electricity and will refill from a nearby water source. Obviously it needs to be heated. I have a creek that runs through the property that I can fill with water from a 27...
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    6 year old boy deer hunting

    I have a 6 year old that is just obsessed with being outdoors and being with his dad. I love him for it of course. Last year he and I trapped together and he actually did better than I did on his live traps. This year he has helped me put up every stand and feeder along with broadcasting...
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    Varmint calls

    Do yourself a favor. When setting up for coyotes find the place in the brush where you least expect them to come out and thats where they will be. I have been busted so many times by them its scary. I have yet to have one come straight in upwind of me, they always sneak around the back or pop...
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    Black Texas Longhorn Bull

    What is his total horn measurement? How old is he?
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    What is the most PURE breed left

    They can live in the heat.. but I wouldnt say they thrive in the heat. Give them shade and water and you are fine, but I personally wouldnt turn em loose down in West Texas. They lose their hair in the summer and it grows back in the fall. I just had a few that I purchased from Northern...
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    What is the most PURE breed left

    Galloways.... I have about 20 right now and about 25 longhorns... wish I could get rid of the longhorns and go straight Galloways. They seem to have the same traits as the longhorns, eat anything, no calving problems, no breeding problems, live forever, and take care of their young (minus...
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    neighbor's cows

    Band his bull then leave him a message that he if he still wants a bull he better get over to your place in a hurry.....
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    New Longhorn Sire

    I have seen him before, but cannot remember which ranchs web-site he was on? Sand Hills maybe?
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    Dumbest Question ever asked

    Had a guy ask me for a raise 4 years ago. Went something like this. Him: Well, is there anyway I can get a raise? Me: What exactly are you looking for? Him: I would like to make 15.00 an hour. Me: I already pay you 16.00 an hour. Him: But I have been working real hard and feel I deserve...