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Feb 22, 2005
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NE Kansas
Could anyone out there please help me with the differences between Devon/South Devon/Red Poll or are they all the same animal going by different names?

Thanks in advance
Please throw red devon into the mix if you could as well...... I am just really confused over all of these...
All separate breeds, all from Great Britain originally but developed from different bloodlines and/or counties. There are some distinct differences among the breeds when compared side-by-side, ie. Red Polls are always polled where the other two are not necessarily, etc. Look all three up on this website and this will help you understand the differences.

devon = red devon = north devon = ruby red devon. These are all the same from my understanding. But South Devon is NOT.
If you seen English South Devons they are nothing like a Red Poll or a Devon. They are bigger animals than the other two. They have lots more milk and generally are lighter in colour than the 2 other red breeds. They haven't entered into the "Black" types yet. Both Red Poll and Devon are great breeds in their own right and do well when crossed with others.

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