Winter Strom

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Glad we are missing out on that cold front. It's been 76 for high here today, and still around 72, wind is up. I saw on the news that it was around 100 degree difference across parts of the country.
Hoping that we are about out of the real cold weather by now, but last year it seemed like we had February in March and April was still cool.
We got a fair amount last night. It's kind of hard to tell how much, as the wind got with it pretty good last night as well. Pretty much snowed all day today, and it is supposed get down to 20 to 30 below tonight. View attachment 26509
Dang, it was 83 here today, too early for this..perfect situation for the twisters to start firing up…
Here it is 18 degrees this morning with a couple inches of snow and still snowing. Our "local" news comes out of Portland 320+ miles away. They got 6 to 10 inches of snow over there. Watching the news one wold think the world is coming to an end over there.
Mean while in Baker County we just go out and feed the cows like every other day. The cows sure followed the feed truck this morning. And the 3 calves who are all 5-10 days old aren't bothered a bit. The steers were lined up wanting to know why I was late with their corn.

We're on the recovery side now. High of 2* yesterday and snow with steady NE 20 mph wind. Clear and calm at -17* this morning and supposed to get in the 20's tomorrow. One heifer calved on Tuesday to kick off calving season 10 days early. Hope the arctic blasts are not a weekly event, but weather guessers think it is going to be active weather patterns through most of March. May have to go back to the old way of sorting springers and baggers every couple of days and bringing them to the barn instead of pasture calving. My cow shelter next to their calving pasture is full of snow drifts and ice that would have melted by now without the weekly arctic air we have received.

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