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Sep 1, 2016
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Shenandoah ValleyVirginia
Hey, to @Jeanne - Simme Valley and the other members in the crazy SNOWY Northeastern part of the country.... How is everyone doing ???? Saw on another forum I go on, that in Watertown NY they had 45 inches already by early afternoon... pictures are unbelievable... and supposed to get another foot before it blows out???? Is everyone okay????
Gross. I don't know how you can handle that much snow all the time. I get crabby when I have to move snow more than once a week. Around the great lakes it seems to snow every freaking day!
We lucked out UP here only like 30 inches so far but it seems to have tapered off for the most part. Had enough grass to last another few weeks but looks like its hay from here on out.
Is this early for your normal snow blanket to arrive, or about average?
We did not get anything other than flurries - maybe an inch accumulation. And, like Chevy - ours usually stays all winter. "Generally" get a thaw in January. We just ran out of grazing and are on full hay now. We plan on 6 months of feeding - sometimes only about 5 months. End of November thru end of April.
The Great Lakes creates their own rain/snow. "Lake effect" snow. Winds blow over the lakes and picks up the moisture and dumps on us. We have an average 120" a year snow fall. We do not have the ability to stockpile grazing. Snow gets too packed and iced over. We are a very high MOISTURE environment. We don't get the extreme lows, but ours is a much colder FEELING environment.
We usually have snow this early but not usually this much. Ill make the cows graze thru the snow if its fluffy and not sure deep. 20-30 inches is a little much to make them dig thru. We average over 180" of snowfall here, so it usually gets pretty deep.
Last summer just east of here they were losing one head of cattle every other day. Mainly yearlings. The game dept in all their wisdom took out two members of a pack of about 8. They wouldn't take out the alpha female who is of course raising a litter of pups every year. This year during deer season someone shot that female. There is a reward out trying to find this person. I hope they kept their mouth shut.
That snow covered ridge and to the right of this picture is where that pack is running. It is about 12 miles as the crow flies from my place which is nothing for a wolf. So far they have been staying over there. There is the freeway between here and there. If they do head this way hopefully a semi will run them over on the freeway.

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