Who says Farmers can't have fun?

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I understand. My dad is 75 years old and still loves the farm life and tractor to this day. I have often told my mother that he is going to die out here (on the farm) working and all she tells me in return is: "I hope so".

I do understand...
there's really no other place I'd like to be, a little chilly in the winter, but there are a lot of colder places too.. and the summers are so nice and warm.. well, hot.. and yes, when the sun gets ready to go down, there are some amazing views.. I'll try to find one that I retouched wiht imagination, but I still like
I have a picture somewhere of Big Dad, my Grandpa, on a tractor wearing his bib alls with a white shirt and a tie. It was what he always wore no matter what he was doing.

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