which one do you like the best?

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Sep 12, 2005
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Here are a couple bulls that I like very much and really like their dams. Both bulls will be in our sale this spring. Whcih one do you like better?

LMG Gills Sly Dawg 8545 and his dam LMG Sara 817
His EPDs are:


LMG Gills Big Dawg 8536 and his dam LMG Dynette 902
His EPDs are:

On the first one I did not look any further than the top line.
The second one is much better.
Their momas are much better as far as the top line. What happend there?
# 2 is my choice.
Second one easy. Though he could do with a bit of length in the neck department.
First bull is very 'gutty', tail head way too high, post legged and lacks length in his rear quarter. Colour is good though and I don't mind the cow.
This is one of those situations where if you could take certain elements of both and put them together/ you would have a world beater. I like the guts on 1 and the profile of 2. I would guess that 1 is probably thicker. Both cows are very good.
No we are not near Bel. Timber Lake is our town which is about 3o miles west of the Missouri River and 40 Miles south of the North Dakota border.

We always have females for sale by private treaty.
From this side view, I'm partial to #2 as well...but I have the feeling that I might like #1 better if I could see the rear view pictures. As always, nice "mama" cows!

As with judging any individual, improvements can always be suggested, but because neither bull has optimal picture(s) by which to ACCURATELY evaluate their characteristics it is an assumption at best, but Bull #2 has a more desirable general Phenotype, overall, than Bull #1 - Hindquarters, spring of rib, heart girth, and probably thickness. Other less obvious traits are not so critical insofar as Sire selection would be concerned for a small, progressing herd. The Dams both seem to be good momma's, however I would prefer the #1 if I had my choice of the two. I assume that the Sire of BOTH bulls is the same bull!? Their head and neck features seem identical, and I credit the sire for those characteristics. No. 1 bull demonstrates a larger capacity and more rumen space, which bodes well for producing Replacement heifers AND Terminal calf production, but I still would select bull #2. This is a terrific choice of two calves for comparison of characteristics and Judging class! Makes one think twice or three times before jumping to conclusions in selection decisions!

Give both these calves another year of growth and they probably will open your eyes pretty wide, but we are judging them NOW, so this is what I see at the present time.

rocket2222":12corosr said:
Just by looking at the pics I would have bet money that you have the pictures of the two dams reversed. I'd go with # 2. Nice cows.

Good call. I agree. The dams should be reversed.
The dams are correct. We have 8 full brothers by the Dynette 902 cow and 3 full brothers by the Sara 817 cow and they are all sired by Red Dawg.
BRG":et4asm69 said:
The dams are correct. We have 8 full brothers by the Dynette 902 cow and 3 full brothers by the Sara 817 cow and they are all sired by Red Dawg.
i believe you....i don't see how they could tell anyway.
The second one for now, but I am with Doc on this one. Let em grow out for a while, see how they do.
Judging on pictures alone #2 is by far a better bull.

I keep reading that the #1 bull has capacity and more thickness??? I think this is due to the fact that he is tight hearted which makes him appear gutty (capacity?), which makes him appear less flat (more round?). You need some capacity through that heart if you want them to eat. Wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole! The #1 calf also has a poor hook to pin set and tail head set; both too high.

Hard to tell on the dams, can't see one udder, but the both appear to be nice cows.

All this is based on pictures; in the flesh I may be totally wrong.
Thanks for everyone reply!

The #1 bull is a bit deeper dodied and thicker made, but the #2 bull is a little more smooth made and put together a bit better. In my opinion, both would be great choices as they will both sire very easy doing females with excellent feet and udders while having very thick high performing sons.

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