what is the federal milk marketing improvment act of 2009?

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Oct 5, 2007
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Narcoossee, Central Florida
I don't have a large farm or even a small one. I have 2 cows. I try to keep up with what is going on from the area I grew up, sorry to say, or maybe not sorry to say, but it is northern NY state. I left as a youngun and have land coming from Dad. It's NY state???? so as government goes, NY state seems to take all away fast. What is this new headline I read? Can anyone tell me out there? I basically don't think I'll go back because of all the tax crap and taking away of freedom and soul. I may not live there, but is this a state or federal thing? I care both ways. Anyway, So what is the story on this headline? I keep hearing how all our milk farmers are going away. So what are we to drink?? .... And how do we keep milk in the USA? Sounds like a name of a song, where's Willie?

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