Weight gain on nursing calves

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Feb 1, 2023
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Central Nebraska
Looking for some advice on getting best bang for my buck in terms of weight gain/dollar for nursing calves on summer grass. I recently came upon some pasture close to home, however, it isn't the greatest grass. The previous owner's calves didn't seem to come off weighing what they should. My question is, what is the best way to put weight on these calves without breaking the bank? Thanks for any advice.
Welcome to the forum. Don't overgraze it first of all. Thats a killer for calf size as well as destroying the property. A cow can't perform without proper nutrition. Have a good bull is second.
You can get away with average cows if they have what they need and are the right size for your part of the country. Please put your location in your profile.

I would under stock for a year and see how they do weight wise and see if he grass improves.
I would do what b d says, plus keeping the pasture clean, shredding/weed spraying, some fertilizer if affordable, with old run down pasture I like to use chicken litter when I can get it and shred instead of weed spray, I like building up humus shredding the pasture ( brush hogging).
There's nothing cheap this day and time, so you will have to put a pencil to it.
Bird Dog is dead on.

Destock & grass management
Good bulls

Those two things are proven money makers across the board for the most part.

If those two things don't work I would look at some sort of extreme like... extremely bad ground or extremely bad cows.
Many rented pastures are mis managed, which reduces the quantity and quality of the grazing.
Buying a lot of inputs is usually not cost effective for cows.
Rotating paddocks at a high grazing density is a better choice, but it could take 3 to 4 years to really turn around an abused pasture.
This may mean some infrastructure is needed, that requires a 5-to-7-year lease to pay for the investments.
Fixing pastures takes time.
Lot of great comments.
Getting good gain on calves is first a good cow. 2nd good sire, and 3rd a good health program.
Welcome to the boards.
Tell us about you and your operation. And add your location. Location is everything.