Veganism is Racist!

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Veganism is a religion in some cites. I went to a Vegan Convention when I lived in Denver. You could only attend if you were dressed as a vegetable. I went in a carrot costume.
My mom and grandparents were vegans for half their life and didn't even realize it. They were just too poor to buy meat. They were never too poor to get out in the garden and work though.
How is being vegan going green?????

if you can not use animals for any thing, not even pets or transport then you are reliant on oil. Oil is not green, cotton is not generally considered green. Vegans are not just racist they are just bad. They do not care for the world we live in, or the natural cycles contained in it, I would not want to be in a world where every thing is artificial and there are no animal thank you very much.

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