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About an hour ago I had a heifer we I recently purchased (E6 beefmaster) give birth to twins! I haven't been around that many calving seasons, but is this common? Is it more common in this breed than others? The rest of my commercial herd is black angus/brangus/gelbveigh influenced. The pair seems to be very healthy. I watched them get up on their own and both of them nursed without a problem. I iodined their navels and everything looked good. They are really small, but otherwise seemed OK. Is there anything I need to be watching for (both with the calves and the mom)? The momma seems to be doing just fine with them and is letting them both nurse without a problem. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff

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Twins are no problem if you have a female that will raise both. She will require a higher level of nutrition due to the fact that she is a heifer and still growing and trying to raise two calves instead of one. Also if they are both bulls or both heifers, you have no problem, if one is a bull, the other a heifer, the heifer is a Freemartin, she is sterile, and should be considered as a steer, for sale or butcher only. But watch to see if the cow continues to handle both, if not you will have to raise one, but make sure the cow gets the nutrition she needs so she can breed back and continue to develop. Twins occure in all breeds, but what you need to understand is that it is heritable, so her daughters will have a higher chance of being twinners themselves.

Good luck, Michelle

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