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Jun 13, 2004
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I was watching the news this evening and Kelly Ogle said his two cents. It was about a survey tooken among Canadian teenagers and about 40% said the US is evil. However, Ogle said he did not know how accurate the survey was and how it was asked and so on. Could this have been from leaders of Canada bad mouthing the US? Ogle's idea. Thought this was interesting and wanted some other people's "two cents."
I would bet that the kids that were surveyed belonged to some of those Socialist- Elitists down east. Most of those people don't know anything outside their own little society. They lead wasted lives. I wouldn't worry about those kids ever amounting to much because they will be too busy visiting the psychiatrist because somebody said something they didn't like. My oldest boys (18 and 15) fully understand that you have two choices, either fight for what is right or be overrun by what is wrong. They have passion, vision and drive and they make me proud.
You know, it's crap like this that causes so darned much trouble twixt the northerners and the southerners.

I have a couple of teenaged daughters who can actually put a saddle on a horse, throw a rope better than the old man and shoot every rifle I have in my rack - and there's a bunch of them. I don't even have to clean their deer or fish! They'll even fetch me a beer - as long as I ask nice.

They play hockey and figure skate. They are pretty much straight A students. And they don't believe half the stuff they read in newspapers or see on the television - when it's on - once a month or so. Too bad they weren't interviewed.

Biggest problem I have is keeping the darned young male visitors in line - or so I thought. Oldest daughter broke the ex boyfriends nose when he thought he might take some liberties last year when we were doing a bit of fencing. I knew my girls were considered fairly good looking by the local coyotes, but I did not know that Sarah had a truly decent right cross! :D :D He's well and truly gone off the radar screen.

They are 14 and 17 this year and have so many friends and relatives in the U.S. of A. that I can't begin to count. 4-H and hockey and figure skating have made them seasoned travellers and have educated them to think for themselves. Going south to them is like going home. Europe for both of them next year - tournaments and competitions galore. Probably a U.S. university for both of them. Sure hope cows don't go down any further or I'll have to find a third job to send 'em!

As for our "leaders" bad mouthing the U.S. of A. - well, I have a hard time calling them leaders. They have admitted to stealing, lying and cheating billions of dollars from the honest taxpayer - and the dishonest ones as well. :) They have yet to speak for me.

If any of you want to take them - I'd be more than willing to give them to you.

What we do have in this country - as do you in yours is a bloody left wing media string that wants to sell stories - even if it means hyping up / twisting the facts to make it sell.

I can disagree with anyone on almost any subject - but after serving almost 20 years in the Canadian Air Force and doing a short U.S. Navy exchange on the USS Mount Whitney LCC - 20 and more than my share of flying with and against the F-14 / 15 / 16 / 18 and a whole bunch of EW and bomber types - I've met quite a few "Mericans" that I am proud to call friend and in some cases family.

Your Mr. Moore came up here and campaigned for the present "leader" of our country. Go figure! You can imagine how that went over. :) The guy he campaigned for won - so that tells you about some of the folks we have up here.

You got your bad apples and we got ours - in the end I'd like to wrap 'em all up in a feed sack and dump 'em in the ocean.


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Very, very well said Bez!!

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