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Earl Thigpen

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May 10, 2006
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South Texas

Reminds me of the old one about the two gals going to a panty hose sale at K-Mart. By the time they got there all was sold out except for the "dainty" sizes. Well, one of the gals was on the small size but the other one was a long, tall drink of water and she was fretin' over missing out on the sale. Her girl friend convinced her to buy a few pair anyway saying she could "cut the toes out" and pull them into place, no one would be able to tell.

They bought the panty hose and went on their way. A few days later the girls ran into each other and the short one asked her friend how she liked the panty hose. The big girl replies " I likes 'em fine but evry time I farts I blows my tennis shoes off!

That's all folks.

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