A Little Story about a small part of my life.

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"44 model here. Enjoyed your story @hurleyjd. Very similar to the type of entertainment we practiced. No problem with the 2nd amendment then. We probably had no more than 25-30 cars and trucks in the student parking lot, many with a gun hanging behind the seat. Yeh, we didn't all have our own shiny new vehicle as today. Some of us were perfectly happy to have an old bomb, as long as it ran. We waxed around the rust holes. But i regress......We also were free to roam and explore the surrounding countryside. I don't remember having to tell my Mother my agenda for the day. She just said be home before dark.
We just had our 60th HS graduation reunion and there was not a criminal in the bunch that was well represented by Lawyers, doctors and business owners. We turned out well for getting a large portion of our education by trial and error on our own, but the teachers back then made sure to teach us the three R's for a base to build on. I feel fortunate to have lived thru a large portion of the industrial revolution. Grandkids can't comprehend that our first phone was on the wall and the operator had to connect you with the other party. Now we have a computer in our shirt pocket
Speaking with an old friend of mine last week and we both agreed that we lived thru the best times and the children of the future will have nothing to compare it with. We were fortunate!
Isn’t Lawyerey another form of robbyerey?

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