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I have a 450 lb black heifer that began to stand around and not move about much..but would still eat. One of her eyes became infected, I thought it might be Pinkeye so I gave her a shot of LA 200. Her eye cleard up some but her joints on her left back leg swelled and she eventually could not standon her own. I gave her another shot of LA 200 a couple days later and helped her up each day...She would always go straight to the feed when I helped her up. Then her left back leg returned to normal and her right back leg swelled. It went down in a three or four days and her left front leg swelled...It went down and now her right front leg is swolen and it appears that her pastern int the leg is broken down...I continue to get her up each day and she eats and drinks..What could be her problem? Thanks in advance

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