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Jan 31, 2004
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The hottest selling bumper sticker comes from New York State:
Democrats put it on the rear bumper.
Republicans put it on the front bumper.

I agree if Hillbilly is to run and win either way as president or vice we whould be in alot of trouble. She is so anti cattle and logging and gun and everything else that has to do with AMERICAN culture. You nshould read her book and see how much she believes in a communist society.
Guns do not kill people, people kill people. There is 5,000 childern a year killed by guns.

Less log our nations forest, so that a few rich people can get richer, and a few loggers can keep on making a living...

Hillary health care program would have that medican to a new level...Every single american would be covered.

Less pump the oil from our national preserves .... poor oil companys need the money and we need cheap gas...

hell- less not forget the welfare system, the poor can go hungery let them work or starve.......I averaged 7500$ per hundred acers of goverment money last year under bush.....up about 40% from Pres Clinton days.

Less forget about the people of this country, take away their right, and give Trillion to Dickies friends....

The Bushs have been tied up with the Railroads, oil people, politics, loggers
for 5 generations, more million than they can count...I sure they care about us common hard working people....

I was born poor, what I have I worked for the only free ride I had in my life, is the goverment money given to me as a land owner...
Alf it was Bill that was going to put health care in place and failed remember? Oil reserves in America are being reserved for our utilization when needed for an emergency. To use it now would be inviting aggressors in the Middle East who control the rest of the worlds oil to start their nonsense.
According to Alf:
1. Guns can go off by themselves and kill people and therefore danerous.
2. Trees don't grow back so we need to import lumber from countries
where trees do grow back.
3. Hillary has the perfect health care plan, even though she was
president for eight years and couldn't get it done.
4. We need to pay people not to work, is difficult and some
people don't want to.
5. Farmers are rich because they some money from the govt. so they
can stay in business and the USA doesn't rely on foreign countries
for food.

Some people in this world are geniuses................while others are not.

do you research some of this stuff or do you just spew the party line? I could/would argue with some of this crap but its against the rules.

i didn't think guests were allowed anymore where is alf's profile etc?
MACON we have been infiltrated by something
memanpa":1ercfo6i said:
i didn't think guests were allowed anymore where is alf's profile etc?
MACON we have been infiltrated by something

Look at date. I made same mistake earlier.
That lady is a nightmare for this country. I too would put the bumper sticker on the front of my car. :p
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