Rain = Mud = Green Grass

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Jan 19, 2004
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Northeast Montana
After receiving 1.25 inch's of rain in the last 3 days- this is what my yard looks like...This country isn't used to so much moisture in winter, followed by April rain... :shock: :eek:




My feed wagon for the last couple of days...Still have a handful of cows we haven't got hauled out (because of the rain)- so instead of rutting everything up I just hauled them out a couple of idiot cubes on the 4 wheeler.....

But this is the reward...Country is really greening up fast...The only thing that could have been better is if all the wheat fields had been seeded- but that would be sounding greedy... :D

On another site they were discussing a calf out of a registered angus cow- that was AIed to an angus bull that ended up with white everywhere....Here is mine...A 98 model old gal- that I bought at a big dispersion (700+ head) as a commercial bred heifer...She was a cutback from the big lots and I picked her up a couple hundred dollars cheaper- kind of ugly but she hasn't been too bad a cow....The folks that had her told me that she was a calf out of one of their black purebred angus cows that they had A.I.ed to an angus bull- and they had no idea where the white came from...My guess is the AI stud goofed up- and slipped something else in the straw.....My neighbor had the prettiest holstein looking calf come out of pure angus cow one year-- and there isn't any holstein bulls in 200 miles...
she looks a holstein x angus cross to me.your mudd will dry up soon enough.an then you can haul the cows to pasture.

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