Photos of the Jr National Red Angus "Red Round Up"

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Sep 12, 2005
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We were one of the hosts for the Jr National Red Angus Red Round Up Tour last week. It was alot of fun. Several great kids getting to see a different part of the country. We even had a couple Canadians on it. Hopefully they had fun playing games, looking at cattle, and listening to me talk :) I think we fed 50 kids and 5 adults not counting our family.

We had Barnyard Olympics. The first game we played was Wheel Barrel Barrel Racing

Then we had a relay with carying a pale with oats, open/closing a gate, pounding a stell post in, and roping a dummy steer head.

We then went on a bull tour. They got to see around 90 bulls and 10 steers that are on grass. They will be the coming two year old bulls in our bull sale.

I was asked if I would give a little talk to the kids about opportunities, so I spoke on setting goals.

We then had noon lunch at our ranch. We fed them Indian tacos. Nearly none of them had ever had them before.

At the end they left us with some gifts and a big Thankyou card.
iowahawkeyes":yx7mt3l1 said:
I love Indian tacos!

From the pic and the word "TACO" I think I would love them.... please post the recipe on the recipe board... please!

Oh and I won't let this rest, I may PM a couple of you... :nod: :nod:

Thanks, they looked and sound great.

It's Indian Fry Bread (our grocery store carries a box mix that all you do is add water and cook it, awesome), beans, meat, lettuce, cheese, salsa, sour cream. Just like a regular taco, but the Chevy is the fry bread. Very good!

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