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M Gravlee

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Dec 20, 2003
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Perdido Key FL USA
We've had a problem lately with Members trying to login to the Boards and getting:
"You exceeded the maximum allowed number of login attempts..."
That means that someone has tried guessing your password to get into your account here. The program locks your login after 5 or 6 wrong attempts to keep someone or a bot from just guessing passwords until they hit it.

The safe solution is to use a complex password. If your name is John Randle don't use "john" or "johnr". Ideally, a password should contain lower and upper case letters, numbers and a special character (the characters above the numbers) It doesn't have to be hard to remember but something like "johnR#932" (where 932 are the first three digits of your phone number) is just about impossible to guess and easy to remember.

If you are using a short or easy to guess password here, CHANGE IT!
Click on 'User Control Panel', 'Profile' tab, and 'Edit Account Settings'. Just enter your current password and your new password.

Don't wait until the horse is out before you close the barn door! ;-)
john250":1rqfblwt said:
Apparently, no one is trying to "be" me. I haven't had the problem.

You feelin' kinda left out, John?

Kind of reminds me of a conversation I was having with my cousin the other day regarding identity theft. She said that if her identity was ever stolen the thief would be calling her up the next day begging her to take it back... :lol2:

Me too John ,I guess I am to boring for anyone to want to snoop... :cowboy:

Changed it anyways ,thanks for the heads up Macon. :tiphat:

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