one steer shipped today, not very productive

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Love the pictures. While it is nice to be able to move mine with a holler and a bag of cubes, it is fun to be a real cowboy every now and then. Hard to get a feed bucket to work in that country.
Our local butcher does on the farm butchering. The previous owner had some great stories about wild cow hunting for guys that, with cattle that were to smart.
Glad I am not eating walmart ground meat!!!! Wow, that was a good job finally getting him. Too bad it wasn't during better prices. Bet you are glad to get him gone though. Those kind will teach some of the younger ones to take to the brush with them.
we get a few of these every now and then (see my avatar), in fact there are a couple more out there now. his buddy just ran faster, this one stopped to fight and got tied down instead. his second encounter with a rope. I won't know what he weighed until next week. he was pretty fat, probably should have taken him to the packing house instead but that involves inspections and it was a Saturday etc. Last time we took one of these kind in I got in trouble - it was a Sunday and nobody was answering phones so I self-inspected (a no-no in AZ, supposed to only be for pasture movements or to auction) but that one broke a leg and I didn't want to waste that 400 lbs of meat!

they are getting better, fences hold most all of them now, and as I always least he was a steer. at one time there were a bunch of maverick bulls that size and age running around

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