Hog Auction today

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Has anyone seen a pig show at a fair? It's hilarious. It looks like the bumper cars chaos at a carnival. Kids come in with lose gigantic hogs and carry a slapper on a stick on one hand and a 4'x4' piece on plywood in the other. They try to guide the hogs around so the judge can see at best angle by popping them on the nose with the paddles. When hogs encounter each other and start to fight screaming and squealing they jam the plywood down between them.
Pork-- the cheapest meat brings home the bacon.
Many a body has been disposed of, to cover a murder, in the hog pen. There won't be enough left to determine how the victim was killed.
Showing hogs has become quite the "in" thing around here in local fairs. They and the goats have pushed the lambs to the side, and even cattle to an extent.
It always reminded me of trying to load hogs and brought back bad memories.

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