Law of Diminishing returns

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Last I read before the 6666s sold it was losing a Million a year even with the cattle and horse businesses. She ran that place like a kingdom though. If I was super rich like some of these folks I'd blow a mil a year to run a ranch like that, a bunch blow than that docking a yahct for a year.
Every one says that but I don't think most understand what running an operation that size is really about. We all want to picture ourselves working cattle or great horses, riding the ranch, hunting or admiring the wildlife and stacking checks. It is far from that. That is a corporation and you are the ceo. Every one will constantly be looking to you. You will be meeting with accountants and attorneys and people who work for the company.... non.... stop.

It's kind of like guys I know who love hunting or fishing and become guides. They end up hating it in a lot of cases.

Too much of even some thing you love can become a burden. Read a book called Robert East if you want to know about the burdens of some of these operations.

I admire the previous owners of the 6666 because they knew what that ranch had become. Rather than running it in the dirt or breaking it up they found a group capable of running it that wants to keep it whole and even grow the legacy. That's very hard for an individual like a lot of us to do. Remember, they are just people like you and I. They just happened to be decenants of some very remarkable people. That's pretty amazing they could admit that.
I made a lot of money training horses. I made a lot standing my stallions. Finished a year in the black a time or 2 competing and rodeoing. But by far, the most, and easiest money was in buying and selling. The same is true, maybe even more so, with cattle. No cow-calf operation anyone ever had could come close to our Corr operation, with a 200% to 300% ROI in 15 months. And trading had at least a little bit to do with that. I'd buy Chianina bulls for # $1200 and sell them for $2500 in Mexico to the guy buying cows for me. He;d have a lod of Corrs for $30k, and I'd carry him 10 bulls and pay him $5k boot. Only I had just $12k in them, So, that $30k load cost me $17k. WHen I got tpo the place with them, anmyu solib black one I sold for $900, So selling 20, I would have ZERO in the load. When we sold the last herd of 118 a few moths back we had $7 a head in them and I sold the herd for $108k. But, also last year I contracted with 3 different clients to put together a plan and program for them, and to buy cattle for them. 3 clients, 3 locations, 4 herds f cows. Did not use my oney or my fuel, or my trucks or trailers, and I made a little over $85k in just a couple of months. My partner in the Corr-Kudzu venture, Scott, raises beans, corn, peanuts and cotton full time. Last year I made over twice what he grossed in the futures market. He has millions in equipment, thousands a year in seed and fertilizer, and many a 16-18 hour days in the field, versus me spending a few minute clicking a mouse. The only kind of real money to be made in any branch of agriculture is in buying and selling. It is recession-proof, too. I made as much or more money back when 3-day old dairy calves at the sale brought $10, than I do now with them selling for $200.

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