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I have zero experience with catttle but I hope to get started in the near future. Right now I'm looking for land. Any suggestions on buying land would be appreciated. Do you go through a Mortgage Company or a Bank? Thanks!!

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Only purchase land if you like it as an investment (or you want to live on it out in the country). From a business standpoint, if your only objective is to raise cattle on it you are better off leasing. The old rule of thumb was that land was worth the value of the cows that it could support. For example if it takes 10 acres to support a $700 cow, that land should be worth $70/acre. Now days, except in rare cases, you cannot buy land at these rates so unless you can find other uses for the land (minerals, hunting rights, etc.) purchasing land solely to raise cattle can be a bad business investment. If on the other hand you have extra money and want to look at the land as a stable investment to add to you portfolio then it could be a good investment.

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