Kubota M7060 high/low shift lever problem

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Jun 9, 2011
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Western Arkansas
I have an M7060 and the high/low range shift lever has disconnected. I'm still in low range, but lever just moves back and forth with no resistance. Obviously disconnected, but I can't see where. I've done some internet searches and see many different ideas about how to proceed, including removing the left wheel and inner fender access.
I have the cast wheels, so would rather not do that without help. The loader controls are also in the vicinity of the this shift lever and appear like they would need to be removed, or at least partially removed to get them to the side, to get the plastic console cover removed.

Any ideas or tips, or even a youtube? Tractor is still under warranty, but nearest dealer is about 80 miles away. Hate to do that for a simple fix. Seems like just a bolt/nut or clevis pin has fallen out of the linkage somewhere.
Maybe you could call the dealer and see if they can offer some advice. They might be more willing, if they don't have to come pick it up for warranty work.
I believe it has a lever on the side of the case with a roll pin type connection in it. This may have came out. On my 7040 the lever has to be lubricated every now and then when it gets difficult to shift.

Follow this link to a number of drawings to get a idea what to look for.

Look at the parts diagram for range and creep gear shift lever.
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