Insurance on truck vs. car

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Oct 20, 2008
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I've always wanted a truck, but have had my car since high school. I've had it for about 5 years now and I have put quite a bit of money into repairs, its not a very valuable vehicle. I'd really like to look into getting a small truck, like Ranger or Tacoma size, and was curious about the increase in insurance costs. How big is the cost difference between cars and trucks for insurance? Right now I just have liability on my car, if i get a truck it will be used, nothing fancy. I get a good student discount right now too. Thanks.
That depends on a lot of factors, your insurance agent should be able to give a pretty good estimate if you call them with a general model/year in mind - that's what we pay them for. A lot also depends what kind of policy you have, my trucks and trailers are on a commercial fleet policy and my $20k trucks cost less to insure than my wife's $1000 Saturn, go figure.
should not be any difference in most cases unless you have full coverage and your truck is way more expensives then your car. I have my pick-ups on a farm policy and that makes them cheap to insure.
Around here if you go through the bank you'll have to get full coverage to cover them if something happens to the truck.Also it depends on the year older most often cheaper and vise versa.If it was me I'd find the truck get year model and contact insurance for a price before purchace.
In order for most insurance companies to give you a real good estimate on what a vehicle would cost to insure, you need to know the make, model and year of what you want to insure. It would help get them in a close ball park range of what the liability would be.
To give you an example o cost I pay $662 every 6 months for 3 pick-ups. One has full coverage and the other two do not. I bet it varies alot based on what state you live in because insurance laws differ alot.

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