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Apr 4, 2008
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I've been gone for so long! The past few months have been really stressful, crazy, and not conducive to hanging out on forums...but I am back now!!! Anyway...I just wanted to say hi!

So...since I've been gone I aquired a bull calf(now a steer) from the farm as a birthday present, and I lost my job at the dairy due to the economy.

Also, Introducing Scooter!

*When I lost my job, I was given two weeks to remove my calf off the farm property...so in a desprate last ditch effort to find a place to keep him, I created this youtube video to show him off and try and get someone to be moved enough to let me keep him at their place until June. It turned out perfect. A man saw the video and felt compelled to contact me, and it turned out he lives one road over from the dairy, so now Scooter is living out the next few months in a big paddock with 4 donkeys, 2 goats & a llama. He even gets his own personal stall at night so he can eat his grain without being disturbed!*

Sorry to here about your job.

Scooter sure is a cutey , I love the part with him drinking his milk, his whole head is practically in the milk.. :lol2:

I am glad you found a place to foster him until you get settled again ; sounds like Scooter will have a good temporary home.. :)
He was awful about drinking. He would stick his entire head in the bucket(sometimes past his eyes) and then blow bubbles. Not blowing out while drinking it...just sticking his head in and blowing bubbles for the fun of it. Thank goodness he is past that stage. He's now almost 2.5 months old, and weighs in at about 260...

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