How many heifers should a 26 month old bull breed.

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Ky hills

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Feb 4, 2016
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Clark County, KY
It's that time of year again here, and I am trying to figure out which bulls to put with what and where. One idea is that I could put all of our sale heifers with 1 bull. There would be 30 heifers for a 26 month old bull.
He has tested really well with his bse both as a yearling and this year. If it were heifers that I were keeping for me, I think I would be comfortable with putting him with that many, but since they are for a sale I am wanting them to get bred as soon as possible. I have another same age bull that I could put with some, as well but was thinking of using him with the cows and some heifers that we are keeping.
What would y'all do?
If a two yr old bull can't handle 30 heifers can him. More bulls doesn't always mean more cows bred.

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