Herefords Confirmation!

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Ellie May

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Jan 4, 2004
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Tennessee Ridge, Tennessee
We recently bought a bull. He has a longer face then our normal Herefords. The breeder said that a bull that has a long face will throw calves that are easy to birth. It seems like that would be true but I don't know. I still like the square boxy faces myself. Any input??
Ellie May
Yeah well when we brought him home he looked very different kinda tall & a long face but now I guess we are use to it. We will just see what kind of calves he throws.
Ellie May
I have found that longer faced cattle tend to be deeper in the pelvis and hence easier calving.

All the short faced heifers I ever culled were definately shallow in the pelvis and often shorter in the hip as well. From a side profile a well fed short faced heifer is deeper in the girth than in the flank area, and will tend to have a reverse triangle in that the big end of the triangle is at the front and the smaller end of the triangle is at the back.... They may be very wide in the butt from the back view but still be very hard calving due to a shallow pelvis. A long headed heifer is more often than not the opposite of that.

Just my opinion.

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