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Oct 1, 2008
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Northern New England Region, Tenterfield NSW Austr
Hereford bull we recently purchased, 2 year old.
These are the kind of bulls that we select. We like dark colour with good red eyes. There is another bull behind him. This sale had 40 bulls very much like him. If you missed the lot you were after the next was just as good. Will post some more from the sale soon.
Nice looking bulls. They look like they've come through winter in pretty good nick. With your three breeds do you have a favourite cross?

I like the first bull. Thick and deep. Not real crazy about the top line. He would produce some fine F1's out of your Brahman cows.
The second bull does not have the thickness, depth, rump or capacity of the first bull. Don't like his sheath.
The bulls are pricipally to be used over straight Herefords,SD Herefords, Black baldys and a few Brahman Hereford cows. They won't get near any pure Brahmans or South Devons at this stage any way. My favourite cross for townfarmer is Brahman Hereford then its South Devon Hereford. Black baldys are pretty good too especially to cross Brahman over. All the crosses serve a purpose.
They are ok bulls. I can't say I really see any of them as ideal by any means but they are ok bulls with a place in the industry. How were they grown out?
These bulls are ideal for the Australian beef industry. i cannot see where you are coming from. These bulls are very good doing bulls this is shown by the 90% repeat buyers year after year to this sale. They were grown out on pasture with a top up before the sale on rye and turnips. No grain has been given to them. This is easy to see when they are put out to work. They do not fall away like a lot of show and overfed bulls do. CPL can you post us a picture of what you think is ideal. Because some of the Herefords posted on this site leave a lot to be desired and would not be acceptable over here. The only ones that come near to the mark are those posted by the breeder from Colorado ( sorry i just cannot remember his name) and those from Uruguay.
Must be me, but they look like Tootsie Rolls with legs.
Sorry I'm not impressed Colin.
Now take them up to Hereford '76's area and turn them loose in that country and if, I said IF they can hack it there, then I would be impressed.
I've refrained from commenting thus far because I simply don't have a dog in this fight, but i'll add my hopefully objective opinion now.

The three bulls with their butts facing us are three different types, the one on the left is what I think a hereford should be, the other two are OK, probably suited for your market where larger heavier carcasses are prefered, but not the type for really tough conditions.

Of the two bulls you've posted the second one (the one that nobody likes) is by far the better bull, he is sound, well made and has a good long soft muscle. The bull with the big butt (the first one) is structurally unsound, very straight shouldered with a poor top line. He wouldn't have made it past weaning in my herd. Both bulls have good heads and eyes although the brows could have been stronger.

There is more to a good hereford than simply a dark deep red coat and goggle eyes. The Brahman and South Devon you've posted are far higher quality than the Herefords.
Ranch bulls. They are ranch quality bulls and thats what more of the cattle industry needs. I would bet that those bulls could be thrown out into Montana or even worse Saskatchewan and still hold it together. Good looking bulls Aussie!

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