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Jun 29, 2004
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Are there any helpful books for beginners? My husband and I (true beginners) would like to do more research before we actually get our feet wet. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks! :D
For real basics the book "A guide to raising beef cattle" by Heather Smith Thomas is very good.

Thank you for your help. I knew someone on this site would have the answer!
Cpmmcveigh :lol:
Keep in mind that it is my opinion and probably different then most other peoples. But I'm sure you'll get more responses.

I've purchased several books..and agree with dun..the "A guide to raising beef cattle" is a very good book. Later you might look into some veternary books like "keeping livestock healthy" by Haynes/Storey Books. Good Luck, donna
The Lasater Philosophy of Cattle Raising
by Laurence M. Lasater

This is a good book also...
Thank you everyone for your help. Hopefully, I can get hold of these books soon! Then I'll probably be posting more questions!

Cpmmcveigh :D

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