Good news from the FSA, I think.

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Nov 5, 2005
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New Roads, LA
So when Gustav hit, the Federal govt. declared our parish a disater area and FEMA came out and promised everything under the sun. I lost my whole barn, and that's not covered with FEMA. However, the FSA has been supposed to give out a "clean up fee" based on how many whole trees a landowner had down and had to clean up. After many days with dozers and my tractor, I'm still only about 75% through.

I will say one good note though; the National Guard did a great job of getting MRE's and water out to everyone that needed them. That was one bright spot, and the MRE's are actually not bad. Well at least for the first few weeks anyway.

Just got the word today that the FSA has officially received the monies and will start doling it out when the next hurdle of red tape is cleared. All of this and only 6 months. My our government works amazingly fast :?

I can only imagine what the people in east Texas that went through Ike are doing. Probably doing it all themselves!
Well, that's good to hear. Hope your money comes through soon, a lot of FSA cash has been held up with the new government and stimulus crap....