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Then I'll give you the opinion that it's hard to say...

The pic doesn't show us much, other than being mostly black and relatively underweight. Fronts and butts don't tell us much, and the only one standing sideways is shorter than the rest of the group and half hidden. The one on the left, if typical of the group, looks healthy but light. Really not much to say other than that with the information provided.
The bitterweed (yellow flowers) probably don't help. If it's bitter sneezeweed they usually won't eat it but also usually listed as toxic to livestock.
I have seen a lot of those calf raisers in East Texas. Wasn't crazy about your choice of bulls to use on them, but they showed you they can raise a good calf. Find a Simmental, Charolais, Gelbvieh or even a Limousin and sell all the calves (terminal). As our friend Caustic would say, they will mash the scale and with that tick of ear from the dam's side will be an acceptable feeder calf.
I really like them. I don't think they re all that too skinny myself especially with you just pulllin calves off. And I really do like those calves! Where are you located? You need to go back in to your profile and add your location.

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