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Funny note - I grew up a city girl - Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I had ALWAYS heard the expression "useless as tits on a boar". Funny I would have heard that expression growing up city. Then I moved to the country in Kansas. A neighbor raised pigs. Had a farrowing house. I found out (like SOB just mentioned) - teats on a boar are EXTREMELY important. What he has passes on to his daughters.
So, that brings up the question, should we be checking what our bulls have for teats.
5" teats are totally not normal - and does not sound good.
Yes. Study Dr. Bonmsa's research.
The scrotum is certainly nice and long like it should be, but I never saw teats that long on a bull.
Another thing to think about is infection in those teats caused by biting flies. It also appears to be swollen above the teats. Commonly called summer mastitis and is more common in hot dry summers. Never seen it in a bull, but no reason it can't be. His testicles seem to be small which is also a concern
My bull had one teat several inches forward of his scrotum back when he had a scrotum. But I'm not a biologist so I could be misidentifying certain bits.

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