GAR Precision 1680

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Jan 3, 2009
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I bought an angus bred heifer at a herd dispersal, and she had a nice bull calf. I was thinking about keeping him as a herd bull. The calf's sire was sold at the dispersal too, he's a nice looking bull. The calf's grand sire is GAR US Premium Beef, whose sire is '1680'. His dam is 'supposed to be' pure bred angus, the breeder didn't keep up on the paperwork, so she's not registered.I don't know any of her pedigree. How can I tell if my bull calf is a carrier of CCS?
G A R US Premium Beef, Reg #14301014, has been tested AMFree. I guess you don't know anything about the sire's dam? Here's a link to the testing labs that the Angus Assn has approved. You might contact them and see if you can get the calf tested.

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