feed for holstien steers

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i am tring to get the anwser from my post on the feedyard board. the question is a good feed to feed and what percentage feed to holstein steers and do i feed them the same until the are fineshed. does fineshed mean once they reach 1000lbs last is it best to sell these steers at your local stockyard if you are only selling about ten steers
It depends on what part of the country you are in what would be the best thing to feed. If you have pasture that would be the least expensive. Is there a reason you want to raise them until the end? If so you could try to sell quarters and halves if you don't want to take them to the stockyard. I raise mine on milk, alfalfa hay, grain & calf manna and sell as feeders at about 400 pounds.

Hope this helps
I usually raise mie on gass untill they are about 800ib then they go into the feedlot eating regular cow feed or snapped corn & hay ground together for bout 2months then the slaughter house. I usually sell most of the meat