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Jul 12, 2004
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Baker County, Oregon
I have said before on CT before that I have a neighbor who has a pretty fair size herd of Waygu. Well right now he has about 200 British heifers that he is planning on breeding to Waygu bulls and selling in the fall as bred heifers with an F-1 Waygu calf on the way.
So we fast forward to this last week or two. Someone offered him about 30 running age Angus cows bred Waygu. They wanted $1,000. He said he didn't need them. They dropped the price to $850. By the time he got back to them to say he would have to look at them they consigned them to a stock cow sale. Well he bought them all at the auction. I don't think he paid over $800 a head for any of them. But the thing is no one bid against him. He bid once and never had to bid again. And the price he paid was about $500 less than those same cows would have sold for had they been bred to an Angus bull.
Now he is questioning breeding all those heifers to a Waygu. I pointed out to him that without the right connections to sell to those F-1 calves are a real loser. I could see the wheels turning but no answer or change to the plan at this point.
Why some one would want to cross breed to an animal you have to feed out for that long is beyond me.
Excellent calving ease on the heifers and a premium for those F-1 calves. He has done this on his heifers. I think that this plan has worked real well for him so he thought he could make money making it work for others. The calving ease is a given. The premium only works if you have the contacts. He has those contacts but not many ranchers do. I know he doesn't keep those F-1 calves much beyond weaning. They go to people in the Waygu feeding business.
When he has calves on the ground PM me and we'll find a market.
He also runs about 200 registered Waygu cows. Does ET, sells Waygu bulls, etc. He has a market for the F-1 calves. What he is questioning is selling all these heifers as bred heifers next fall.
If push came to shove he would hold them and calf them out himself. But that wasn't plan A. Along with his Waygu deal he runs 500 commercial spring calving cows, 150 fall calvers, and 200 one and done broken mouth cows. He does have his fingers in a lot of pies and does know how to market cattle.

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