do we have a zebu

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Apr 19, 2004
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We just bought a full grown steer 2 years old - total weight aprx 400 lbs stands about 3ft tall - grayish/blackish in color - hump on his shoulders jersey looking face w/dark circles around the eyes - we were told its a zebu - but when i looked up zebus it didn't match any of the ones they had pictured - we were told this breed comes from africa - anyone have any idea???
most likely its either an Miniature Zebu or Brahmans. They have those out now...its a new fad among city slickers who thinks they are ranchers.
I suppose. Just like mini ponies. What is the purpose? If you want something to pet get a good dog. Barb no offense, just humoring at your expense. Everybody gets it at some point.
What's there to do with 400 lbs steers anyway except rope or eat? Zebu horns are pretty tall and narrow to rope and 400 lbs at 60% would only be about 240 lbs in the freezer. How 'bout a luau?

I think Zebus came from India along with all the other bos indicus (humped) cattle. American Brahman originated here in the states being bred and developed from cattle imported from India,

Good link, lots of photos

Try looking at the watusi.


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